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Empower Your “Road Warrior” Sales Team with CRM 2011 Mobile Express

Does your sales team make sales calls to manufacturing, transportation  or other such locations that may not be well served by wifi or are considered to be "out in the sticks"?  Does your team tell you it's too much hassle to find a hotspot, boot up their laptops, connect and update CRM?  Does asking them to […]

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Five Ways to Access Microsoft Dynamics CRM When You’re Out of the Office

Over the past couple of years, one of the most common things we’ve found people specify when talking about their CRM software requirements is that they need to be able to access the system when they’re out of the office. Being able to access your CRM system at almost any time and from almost anywhere […]

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What Mobile Technology Trends Mean for Your CRM Software

You can’t help but notice the major emphasis people are putting on mobile devices these days. They are the wave of the future, and one that can make businesses more productive and efficient. But what does this mean for your existing CRM software? This means it’s time to accept mobility into your current customer service […]

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Mobile Express Brings Microsoft Dynamics CRM to your Mobile Device

Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM data in a Web browser on a mobile device.  The concept that Mobile express was only for read-only access has now been pulverized with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The user can now create accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, phone calls, including access custom entities and […]

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Become More Flexible and Productive with Mobile CRM

If you follow the news, it's no surprise that mobile is being put forward as one of the next big technology platforms. The use of ipads, smartphones and the like is in full swing and it’s not just for the younger generation anymore. Mobility for business is also taking off and Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is meeting demands of […]

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