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New Feature – Tracking emails on the go is easier with Outlook iOS Updates

To celebrate the second anniversary of the release of Outlook Mobile for iOS Microsoft updated the app with and added a slew of new features including the ability  to activate integrations with several other services, including Evernote, GIPHY, Trello, and Smartsheet. However for CRM users, the most interesting is a full featured integration with Dynamics […]

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Mobile Sales & Field Service Offline Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM and Salesforce

Resco, a leading provider of cross-platform mobile CRM solutions to businesses of all sizes has made an announcement today. Their number one fully-fledged offline mobile CRM solution is available to the Salesforce community using mobile sales and field service. Thereby, extending their overall strategy and bringing a platform to any organization that utilizes Salesforce solutions […]

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What Can You Do with MS Dynamics CRM on Your Phone & Tablet? That’s the Question!

Every day, we are approached with the question: “So, what can the app do?” (referring to Resco’s mobile CRM client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM) And it’s hard for us to spill the answer in one breath – there’s just so much to talk about. It’s not a question of 2-3 benefits, there are hundreds of […]

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Here’s what Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Will Look Like on Your Phone

The news is out. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 will be released "later this year" but the buzz is already here. There's a press release, a post on the Microsoft official blog site and a new 24-page guide that has already been "printed." So what's left for little old me to write about? I read the press […]

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Infographic – Six Strategic Advantages of Mobile CRM

If your company has not yet mobilized its sales force, you could be missing out on increased profits and growth. Even if you already have mobility, you still may be missing out if you are not using mobile CRM. Adding mobile access to your customer relations management can help increase sales by 25% or more. […]

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5 Time-Saving Features in the Dynamics CRM 2015 Tablet App

When it was released earlier this spring, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 update 1 brought with it a variety of enhancements to help users make the most of their busy days. One of the best of these new features was a totally redesigned tablet app. It was revamped to make the things that people do most […]

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Mobile CRM Options for Dynamics CRM – New Comparison Chart

You Need Mobile CRM - there is no doubt about that.  But when considering mobile CRM options for Dynamics CRM, which is best for your organization?  When I say organization, I am referring to the actual individuals in the field.  The 2 most popular options are Dynamics CRM Mobile (free) and Resco CRM Mobile ($200/user […]

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Stay Connected in the Field with Mobile CRM.

Imagine Dynamics CRM in the palm of your hand, whenever you need it. FieldBoss is going to be your irreplaceable companion throughout the day. With FieldBoss Mobile CRM, you will have access to the information you need at all times. From your mobile device, access equipment location, parking, and access codes as well as specification documents […]

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Modern Day, Post-PC CRM

Smartphones and tablets are proliferating in the workplace. More and more business applications are being tailored for mobile devices because today’s professionals are on the move and engaged with customers located around the globe. This offers the following two benefits: 1. Improves the use of customer relationship management (CRM) 2. Brings us closer to our data […]

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Custom Dynamics CRM Mobile Apps and RESCO

By Barkley Busby Vice President and Co-Founder, 2B Solutions Mobile CRM is a hot topic.  If you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics CRM or considering it, you are setting yourself up for mobile success!  We are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner, and have been implementing CRM solutions and developing mobile apps for over 10 years.  These […]

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