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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Custom Apps for the iPad

As mentioned in our previous blog post, the iPad is becoming more and more popular in the business world.  According to a study by Business Journals released in May of this year, iPad usage nearly quadrupled among small businesses in 2011.  And according to a January article in Forbes, Apple and the iPad continue to […]

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What is the Sales Person’s Most Valuable Tool?

Laptops, tablets, and Smartphones – oh my!  Technology and software have evolved so much that we can now access important business data on nearly any mobile device.  This ability has unchained people from their desks and it’s of particular benefit to the sales team, who spend more time meeting with customers than in the office.  […]

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CRM Anywhere Takes Mobility to the Next Level

Many businesses provide cell phones to their employees and some even offer tablets.  Whether or not you do, it’s likely your employees have and use these devices themselves.  In this fast-paced, technology-focused world, our devices are not only providing greater conveniences, they are making us work more efficiently.  Striving to make their software more convenient […]

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Dynamics CRM and the iPad – a Great Combination!

A common goal of any CRM project is to make the solution easy to use and easily accessible wherever its users are (in the office, working at home, flying on a plane, at a client site, etc.).  This is even more prevalent for sales teams, because they need to focus on their clients, not on […]

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Reasons to Go Mobile with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For the past 10 years, CRM vendors have been “talking the talk” about mobile CRM.  Now they are finally able to “walk the walk” through the enhancements made around CRM applications, including Dynamics CRM, via mobile devices.  The sole focus around mobile access has been on utilizing CRM via cell phone devices.  However, today mobile […]

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