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Data Migration and Integration Paramount to Successful CRM Deployment

One of the primary goals of a well-designed and implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deployment is for an organization to better understand and serve their clients’ needs resulting in increased loyalty and business development. To meet this goal, accurate, timely and pertinent information is crucial. One of the most critical aspects of a CRM implementation […]

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Streamlining the Sales Team Processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A thriving and very active employment resource firm was experiencing some major obstacles and issues regarding their existing customer relationship software.  Having been on for almost seven years, it was clearly evident they needed a more user-friendly CRM program. This company turned to The TM Group because of our sterling reputation for our results-driven […]

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Top 6 Most Popular CRM Blog Posts by Turnkey Technologies, Inc. in 2012

“Men at some time are masters of their fates” – William Shakespeare  Turnkey Technologies, Inc. has enjoyed sharing great information and insights about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Software on the CRM in 2012.  The main purpose has always been to inform the reader, give a unique point of view regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM […]

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Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Key for Communication

A Speech Pathology, Educational Therapy and Orofacial Myology agency was in desperate need of maximizing their use of their existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.  The platform was mildly configured, but they knew they should be getting more out of their CRM system. They were referred to The TM Group by an independent software vendor and […]

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My 3 Favorite Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update Features

  “What is actual is actual only for one time, and only for one place.” – T. S. Eliot   Microsoft continues to make a significant investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in three main areas of applications, experiences and platform.  The recent Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update has made the following enhancements: Updated […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dashboards – Your Clear View to Analyzing

A couple of months ago, a friend (and client) of ours accompanied my boyfriend and me to a local car show. The gentlemen are extreme classic car enthusiasts and attend these outdoor shows with much enthusiasm, vigor, and animation.  The joy on their faces as they review all the automobiles, walking up and down the aisles […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s ABCs: Activities Build Cash

One of our clients coined the phrase “CRM’s ABCs: Activities Build Cash”. We decided to make this a rally call of our own since we really liked the way that sounded and felt the emphasis on cash would resonate with presidents and those in charge of sales and marketing. Because that is what CRM is […]

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Customize CRM for YOUR Needs

CRM, Customer Relationship Management.  It certainly is a buzz phrase and now much more of a necessity than an optional management technique.  So how can you stand out with CRM if everyone has it?  Simple state, make CRM, Your CRM. As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certified Gold Partner we have helped hundreds of customers successfully […]

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3 Software Tools Every Sales Team Needs to Drive New Business Development

“The method of the enterprising is to plan with audacity and execute with vigor.” – Christian Bovee  A great book that I just finished reading, “New Sales Simplified” by author Mike Weinberg, outlines a step-by-step process for acquiring new customers.  A key point to this successful framework is selecting the appropriate amount of targeted prospects […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cross Browser Update

Microsoft made an announcement on Tuesday at the eXtremeCRM 2012 Conference. Microsoft will be launching the much anticipated cross-browser compatible version of Dynamics CRM by the year's end in what is now known as the "Polaris" release. It will be followed by the "Orion" release in the second quarter of 2013. This release will include the […]

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