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Beringer Technology Group's Logo Microsoft Power Apps Empowers Public Sector Organizations

      In the realm of public service, optimizing operations is paramount to delivering efficient and effective services to citizens. With increasing demands and limited resources, finding ways to […]

JourneyTEAM 's Logo How Microsoft Azure DevOps and Dynamics 365 CRM Work Together to Improve Service Responsiveness

An upset customer calls. My system is down! This feature doesn’t work! While many issues are open and closed cases (or are the result of user error), there may be […]

JourneyTEAM 's Logo Power Apps: Creating Custom Pages in Model-Driven Apps

A fairly new feature in Power Apps is the ability to create customer pages in model-driven apps. Now you can leverage canvas app elements and the fluid language on a […]

Aha Apps's Logo Editing Default Sitemap In Microsoft Dynamics 365

This Site map is supported for both custom business apps and Dynamics 365 for Outlook. Steps to edit the default site map: 1. In the Dynamics 365 – custom app, […]

Aha Apps's Logo Is it possible to use the inspection forms in MS CRM?

Yes, we can use Inspection forms. The need to complete inspections on equipment or other assets is one that many field service organizations currently complete manually on paper or through […]

Aha Apps's Logo Trying to decide on a Field Service management software, here are the queries you need to keep in mind: – Part 2

6. What does training look like? How long and how easy to learn the software? 7. What are the license costs and maintenance costs? 8. What integrations do I need […]

Aha Apps's Logo Trying to decide on a Field Service Management Software, here are the queries you need to keep in mind: – Part 1

1. How much time will it really save per technician? 2. Will I need to add more resources to manage the system? 3. Is it plug & play or do […]

JourneyTEAM 's Logo Tech Insider Update- Free Microsoft Technology Webinar

The next Tech Insider Update will take place on May 23, 2023, at 10 am MDT. This webinar will showcase how Microsoft technology drives digital transformation across businesses. At JourneyTEAM, […]

CongruentX's Logo This One Thing Changed the Way I Use Solutions

Solutions are a foundation of developing on the Power Platform. Put simply, solutions are how you move customizations/changes in your environment from point A to point B. Before I dive in […]

Beringer Technology Group's Logo Improve Customer Service with Dynamics Omnichannel

Microsoft Dynamics Omnichannel for Customer Service is an extension of Dynamics Customer Service that enables unified communication between your Agents and your customers. With Omnichannel, employees get a single platform that […]


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