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CongruentX's Logo Conversational AI Usage in the CRM Applications

Author: congruentX Listening to your customers is the best thing your business can do to scale up. It is human nature that they want to be listened to and seek a […]

CongruentX's Logo You Don’t Have to “Do CRM” Anymore: Introducing DialoguePrime for Viva Sales

The idea of “doing” CRM implies that something is broken, difficult, or just not enjoyable to do somewhere in your journey to win and keep customers. And who wants to […]

CongruentX's Logo Conversation Intelligence: A Goldmine for Customer Relationship Success

Author JC Quintana Writing a couple of business relationship development books has been a ton of fun. Sadly, I could easily write another book dedicated to the many business relationships I […]

's Logo Microsoft Viva Sales: Product Demo

Microsoft Viva Sales is a new modern way of selling that brings together any CRM, Microsoft 365, and Teams. Check out the product demo video from Microsoft that was just […]


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