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The Better CRM: Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce? Forrester study says Dynamics 365.

The world of CRM is populated with all kinds of “solutions.” We use quotation marks here before many of these so-called customer relationship management “solutions” are anything but.   That said, there are only two real options for the vast majority of businesses: Salesforce or Dynamics 365. They’re both industry leaders, and they both have […]

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Microsoft – SFDC Announcement: This Cloud Has a Silver Lining

It's been one month since the announcement of the Microsoft and partnership agreement. It was understandably shocking to most of the Microsoft CRM community. Benioff was our foil, and now he was literally next to our new CEO, smiling and extolling the virtues of the Microsoft cloud. And because of the ExactTarget acquisition,, […]

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