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CongruentX's Logo Platform vs Best of Breed – Is Chasing Unicorns Creating Sales App Spaghetti

How to use Dynamics 365 and the power platform to do more with less Author: Chuck Ingram At Home – Three years ago I thought my cable bill was really getting […]

CongruentX's Logo What Is Power Automate & How Do I Use It?

Power Automate (formerly known as flow) is a low-code automation tool that lives in Microsoft’s Power Platform. You can essentially break a “flow” down into 3 parts: Triggers, Actions, & Connections. […]

CongruentX's Logo This One Thing Changed the Way I Use Solutions

Solutions are a foundation of developing on the Power Platform. Put simply, solutions are how you move customizations/changes in your environment from point A to point B. Before I dive in […]

CongruentX's Logo PowerApps: Why is this a very important element for CRMs?

PowerApps has become the most intelligent approach to increase business efficiency, engage customers, manage projects, or accomplish anything in business. Businesses realize that it is no longer difficult to create software […]

CongruentX's Logo Power Apps Contribution to the CRM Applications

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the vital operations in any business that help the business to thrive. So, businesses are looking for ways to streamline their processes using […]

JOVACO Solutions's Logo Tirez profit de Dynamics 365 CRM avec les Power Apps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 est connue pour sa flexibilité et ses capacités de personnalisation. Les vues et tableaux de bord sont non seulement entièrement personnalisables, mais si vous avez des besoins […]

JOVACO Solutions's Logo Make the most of your Dynamics 365 CRM with Power Apps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is known for its flexibility and customization capabilities: not only are views and dashboards completely customizable, but if you have very specific needs, the Microsoft Power Apps […]


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