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InfoGrow Corp's Logo 5 Characteristics of Top Salespeople

Top-performing salespeople get more sales, cost effectively and in less time than their colleagues do. Top salespeople have five characteristics that set them apart from others. They: Set big goals […]

Velosio's Logo 4 Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enhances Sales Productivity Through Better Information

In a day and age where potential customers have access to unprecedented amounts of information quickly and easily, it becomes increasingly important for your sales professionals to also leverage information […]

Velosio's Logo xRM and SharePoint: Bridging the Gap Between Collaboration and Task Work

One of today’s greatest business challenges is how to be more customized, more rapid, and more engaged with your customers while still driving down transaction costs and associated overheads.  Solving […]

Velosio's Logo Make Your Business More Dynamic with Microsoft CRM

As you are in the midst of a software selection process that can sometimes take a substantial amount of time and result in an extended implementation process, it may seem strange to suggest that leveraging business software systems can be a key element in keeping your business agile. However, that is precisely what Microsoft suggests in a recently released white paper, “Making Business Dynamic”, in which they address this very issue head-on and provide some examples of how businesses like yours can leverage technology tools, available today and coming soon, to not only survive change, but to thrive in the midst of it.

Velosio's Logo Is Integrating a New CRM Solution With Your Current ERP System Worth the Trouble?

As you are searching for a customer relationship management (CRM), one thing to keep top of mind is how it will work with your current business management solutions, including your […]

Velosio's Logo Customizing Your CRM Solution – Should You Do It?

As you’ve been searching for the right CRM software solution for your organization, I’m sure that you have run across products, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, that boast about how easy […]

Velosio's Logo What’s Taking Shape for the Next Generation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cloud?

Today, at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Stephen Elop officially introduced Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (formerly codenamed “CRM5”).  Starting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 beta will be […]

Velosio's Logo 3 Reasons Health Insurance Companies Should Consider Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the new health care reform law will expand coverage to 32 million Americans by 2019.  They also estimate that 24 million will be enrolled […]

Velosio's Logo When It Comes To CRM, Microsoft Has Its Head In The Cloud

More than ever before, it seems that Microsoft is looking to cloud computing to carry their CRM solution forward by investing in improvements to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Velosio's Logo Maximizer CRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Which Solution Provides Maximum Functionality For Mid-Sized Businesses?

Side-by-side comparisons of CRM software can be a great tool for organizations trying to find the right solution with the right feature set for their business. Focus Research recently released just such a comparison between 11 of the most prominent on-premise customer relationship management systems on the market today. I looked at the features of Maximizer CRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM to see how they stack up.


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