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BDO Solutions's Logo Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. What YOU need to know.

The first part of long awaited Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) comes into effect on July 1, 2014. This is the main piece and governs key aspects around the sending of […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Marketing with Dynamics CRM – Enhance your sales efforts

The line separating the sales and marketing teams is becoming less and less clear. At our recent BDO Connections Conference, keynote speaker George Brown talked about how the marketing team […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Marketing with Dynamics CRM – Why tracking your customers is the key to understanding them and their needs

We are in the age of data and as more of our activities integrate with the digital world, the data that is available to us increases. The more data that […]

BDO Solutions's Logo How to display Microsoft CRM records with no recent Activities

Has a client ever asked you to show records that haven’t had any activity? Microsoft CRM’s list of available filter criteria for views is fairly extensive, but this is the […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Is Agility a good thing? Part 2

  Back in May I wrote a blog about our first time decision to use an Agile approach to implementing MS Dynamics CRM at two BDO clients.  I wrote of […]


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