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Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Offer Pushes’s Dreamforce Conference to the Back Burner

Many businesses are reaping the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) software – software designed to streamline and improve sales, marketing, and other customer relationship building efforts.  CRM software has been available for years and competition between software giants Microsoft and Salesforce is tight.  Just before's Dreamforce conference was kicked off, Microsoft offered a […]

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It’s Back…The Big Easy Offer for CRM!

Microsoft re-launched The Big Easy Offer allowing customers to choose from a variety of popular Microsoft products and solutions while earning money on qualifying purchases that can be used towards additional software, hardware, or services with your Microsoft Partner. What does this mean for you? For every qualifying product you purchase, Microsoft pays you partner […]

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Have No Fear…Dynamics CRM Spell Checker Is Here!

Ever doubt your emails that you are sending in Dynamics CRM?  Well, Management Technology Consulting – a Microsoft CRM ISV partner – has created a low-cost, high quality Spell Checker for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.  For a small fee per user, you can assure your sales and marketing professionals are portraying a professional image by […]

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