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Broadlook for Microsoft Dynamics CRM—Streamline Your Research to Deliver High-Quality Prospects and Actionable Information

The success of companies today depends on finding the right contacts within the right company. Marketing lists procured from list brokers are often expensive, not very accurate, and often out of date. The time you lose chasing obsolete information can never be regained. Real-time targeted information is truly the key for being successful in a […]

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SCRIBE Software – The Perfect Integration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Companies today have access to an incredible amount of customer information and data, more than ever before, and there are absolutely no signs that the creation of all this information will be slowing down anytime soon! To make sense of all this data, businesses must begin incorporating and analyzing this data in their business applications like […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Love Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Fall is a season of many changes: going back to school, having new goals and accomplishments, and of course seeing the wonderful display of autumn leaves on trees. This fall features another change: Microsoft’s release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.   “With a reimagined user experience that is simple and intuitive, actionable intelligence at their […]

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3 Steps for ReadySetGO: CRM – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training, and Basic Data Migration

For over a year, we’ve been running classroom training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have noticed a steady increase in people interested in saving time and money by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM “out-of-the-box.”   Several of our clients have been charged with implementing Dynamics CRM in a kind of self-service model where someone has been named […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. vs. Microsoft Office Business Contact Manager – the Microsoft Outlook Advantage

The other weekend I was volunteering to pick up food for my church’s Angel Food Ministry . (read about Angel Food below).  The guy I was picking up the food with was the owner of a small business and had just hired a telemarketer to call into his client base to drum up some additional business.  […]

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5 Resolutions Every Marketer Must Make – Tips From Vision 2010, A Microsoft Dynamics Conference

Like most marketing professionals, my new year has started off with an exciting rush of fresh marketing campaigns and activities to help generate new leads for our sales team and a new calendar of valuable educational events for our clients.  The biggest project on our marketing list right now is getting ready for Vision 2010, […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deals You Can’t Refuse – the Salesforce Switch and the Big Easy 3.0

Microsoft recently announced two great deals for companies to get big savings when considering Microsoft Dynamics CRM. At the TM Group, a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM and XRM partner in Michigan, this is welcome news for our clients and prospects. And just in time for year end, as organizations realize they need smarter, more cost efficient tools for pro-actively managing the relationships most vital to their growth and profitability in 2010.

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It’s Year End – Do You Know Where Your Marketing Dollars Are? You Do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Quick, when your boss asks you how much revenue marketing has generated for your company this year, will you be able to easily answer the question? Or how many new leads? New opportunities? How about customer satisfaction? Can you prove it? You can with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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