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Putting Customer Needs First To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Being proactive and anticipating customer needs shows how much you value your customers.  Not only do your customers appreciate the personalized attention, you can use this insight to make strategic procurement and manufacturing decisions which can optimize profit margins.  Get a clear view of customer needs and stay ahead of your competition by implementing an […]

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Are Silos of Information Killing Your Business?

Customers expect a lot these days.  They expect to get product questions answered quickly.  They expect your employees to be able to pull up their order immediately.   They expect to resolve problems quickly.  If you don’t meet their expectations, they go elsewhere.  It’s easy to find a new vendor. Harsh, but true… and if your […]

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Spy Optic – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Case Study

Midsize Business Case Study Sunglasses Manufacturer Boosts Sales 29 Percent, Aids Dealer Growth with CRM Software Story at a Glance Spy Optic, a manufacturer of sunglasses and goggles, scrambled to keep up with the rapid growth in the action-sports market and stay one step ahead of competitors. The marketing department needed better sales and inventory […]

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CRM And Dashboards – A Winning Combination

Although CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it’s a bit of a misnomer because most CRM systems are multi-faceted and handle everything from Sales Force Automation (SFA) to marketing automation and service management.  All of which goes far beyond customer relationship management. What’s more, since a CRM application like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can integrate with […]

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The Best Option For Integrating and Migrating Data for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For data migration and integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the tool of choice is most likely going to be Scribe Software’s Insight product.  For those of you who are familiar with the tool, you know it is very powerful because its CRM Adapter does everything for you in terms of keeping data integrity in the CRM database. In […]

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When Choosing CRM Software, Discover the Strength in the Microsoft Stack

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an outstanding Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support solution.  Office SharePoint Server is an unrivaled collaboration, document, and information management platform.  Dynamics GP is a leader in the financial and business management realm.  Office is the top user productivity suite.  Collectively these and Microsoft’s other products are what Microsoft and its partners […]

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