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Sum up the Values in Fields of Child Records – Update the Total in Parent Entity – (Part 4)

Part 3 of Dynamics Workflows described how to run a workflow that automatically modifies invoice line item and insert text based on the current date or period. (Read here……..) In this post we will show how Dynamics Workflows Stats on The Fly function can sum up the values stored in records of child entity and […]

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The BONUS Benefit of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Workflow

There are many benefits when using customer relationship management (CRM) software like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM such as time savings, shortened sales cycles, and improved marketing results.  Another significant benefit is that it will build in consistency and reliability for your sales and marketing teams.  If you’re using files, spreadsheets, or disparate software programs to store […]

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Using the Bulk Deletion Process to Schedule Recurring Workflows

As a consultant at Ledgeview Partners, I see a lot of different scenarios and receive a lot of different requests from customers.  A common request that I receive is to schedule some process/task to occur on a regular basis.  For example, a task might be to remind the sales team to look at a report […]

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How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Helped a Manufacturer Wake Up from a Spreadsheet Nightmare

Our client, a manufacturer in Michigan with multiple plants and multiple sales reps across the county, was living a spreadsheet nightmare.  To manage their sales pipeline, they relied on a single sales administrator’s spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet contained columns with all the key information management requested, but unfortunately not all sales reps consistently collected or reported […]

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Processes (Formerly Workflows) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has expanded its workflow capability by adding interactive dialogs.  These dialogs collect and process information using scripts which prompt users through each step in a process.  Dialogs require user input to start and run them to completion.   Dialogs can be used to guide customer interactions and internal processes.  Workflow logic could be applied which will make the dialog more versatile. […]

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