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The Better CRM: Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce? Forrester study says Dynamics 365.

The world of CRM is populated with all kinds of “solutions.” We use quotation marks here before many of these so-called customer relationship management “solutions” are anything but.   That said, there are only two real options for the vast majority of businesses: Salesforce or Dynamics 365. They’re both industry leaders, and they both have […]

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8 Reasons Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Better Investment Than Salesforce

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are formidable competitors, both have a history of excellence and plenty of reference accounts that will sing their praises. So how can you fairly judge between these two products and know what will be best for your specific business? You have to compare the features you need side by side. […]

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7 Reasons a Financial Services Firm Replaced Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Which CRM software is the better fit for a financial services company? Many organizations contemplate this question. The obvious answer is, it depends on your requirements and goals. Yet, it helps to understand why companies like yours choose one over the other. It's even more helpful when you can learn from a company who has used […]

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CRM Buzz Watch: Questioned on Revenue, Profits, While Analysts Take a Shine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

There is an interesting thing happening in CRM-land.  Financial and tech media outlets, such as Business Insider,, and Seeking Alpha are questioning the accounting practices, financial health and future direction of  Elsewhere, enterprise tech analysts from Gartner, CRM Magazine, and CIO Today are singing the praises of the new and improved Microsoft Dynamics […]

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What are the Differences Between Dynamics CRM and

Whether you are in sales or marketing, the big question is always which CRM software do you prefer? You usually get down to about two choices: Microsoft Dynamics CRM and It all depends on your business and how you want to manage your data. Cloud-based application: Strictly on-demand CRM for their users. Price per […]

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I’ve been watching some of the recent Twitter posts about the purported shortcomings of versus Microsoft Dynamics CRM so I thought I’d share them as they appeared (without adding any personal commentary) with our CRM Software Blog readers. does not offer an on premises option.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers multiple deployment options. […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Offers More Choice than

According to this article, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM offers businesses more flexibility in deploying their CRM systems than does. While has focused solely on cloud-based apps, Microsoft enables customers to deploy their applications on-premises, in the cloud or with a mix of both. Additionally, one misperception is that the Microsoft product doesn't scale as […]

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Wholesaler/Retailer Chooses Microsoft Dynamics CRM Over

A decorative stone wholesaler/retailer out of Michigan has several different businesses under one umbrella of operations. They have a landscaping company, stone company,  and a retail store for their products. For their landscaping and stone companies, everything is project based and they needed a better way to manage their jobs along with the paperwork involved. They were […]

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Choosing the right CRM software for your business can seem like a daunting decision. That's why I decided it was time to write a post that compared two of the heavy hitters in this industry, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Below you will see listed a few of the characteristics that are most important to […]

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New Release – Microsoft Dynamics CRM “Statement of Direction” May 2011

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Future Vision With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 just launched it’s no surprise that Microsoft wants to keep the momentum going with a sneak peek into the future direction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM over the short and long term. The Microsoft “Statement of Direction” document is an excellent resource for anyone interested in […]

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