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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation – Data Migration and Integration Deserve Respect (part 1)

This is the first of a two-part post intended to get you thinking about Microsoft Dynamics CRM data migration and integration prior to the start of your project. Most Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations require some sort of data migration and/or system integration. The client wants to bring over current and legacy data. Conceptually, it’s a no-brainer as […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Record Count Reports

I was working with a client the other day that requested help with an SSRS report. You see, this client wanted to create Microsoft Dynamics CRM Record Count Reports. This is accomplished in a Dynamics CRM on-premise environment by creating a SSRS report using an aggregate query to pull data. This will yield the user […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Rules – Who Needs Required Fields?

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM necessity can definitely be the mother of invention. And using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Rules can help with the invention part . . . We have a lot of happy clients. One of those clients sells a product suited to physicians in a niche market. It makes sense for them to […]

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8 Key Takeaways from Microsoft WPC15

We are back from Microsoft WPC15. We survived  our excursion into the swamp lands of Orlando for Microsoft WPC15! Heat, humidity, alligators, tourists, miles between sessions and meetings, 15,000 attendees, old hotel – whew! Happy to be back. Microsoft WPC15 was a fantastic Sales and Marketing event this year and I came away with one […]

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7 Ways To Avoid “My CRM From Hell”

Some of you who watch the Animal Planet channel may know about a show called My Cat from Hell. In each episode Jackson Galaxy, a musician by night and cat behavioral expert by day, works with cat owners who are at their wits end and are desperate for a change in their situation. As it turns […]

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Dynamics CRM Custom Workflows

Just the other day, I received an inquiry from a colleague in regard to running Microsoft Dynamics CRM custom workflows against all the child records of an entity. The entity in question was the opportunity and its children, product records. Another example might be automatically flagging all the contacts underneath an account as “sign up for […]

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