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Hot off the press! Microsoft Dynamics CRM Statement of Direction

By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors When I say “hot off the press” I mean piping hot, as in the ink hasn’t even dried. It just came out today. And I like it. Here’s why: Microsoft position papers are often way too long and wordy. In this case, they managed to keep it to “just” […]

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Windows 8 Integration, Improved User Interface and More Coming to Dynamics CRM Over the Next Two Years

When Microsoft recently updated its Dynamics CRM roadmap, one thing became quite evident, they want to be sure this system helps users attract, retain and engage customers.  Some of the forthcoming updates to be revealed thus far include:   A greater focus on marketing automation—As you may have heard, Microsoft recently acquired MarketingPilot, an integrated […]

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Coming Soon: Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Different Web Browsers

The latest update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (released in the UK last December) delivered some great additional features and enhancements. These included new Business Intelligence capabilities, enhanced dialogues (which takes the dialogue functionality way beyond just call scripting) and improved data cleansing. There were also some useful enhancements when running the product in  Outlook, tighter […]

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