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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Release Preview is Out

With the advent of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 right around the corner, this guide reveals the upcoming enhancements to start preparing users for the upcoming 2013 release of the next major version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The guide is broken down in five investment areas:  user experience, process, tablet and mobile, enterprise collaboration, and platform […]

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Earn Microsoft $ubsidy with Big Easy / Cloud Easy Offers

The Big Easy Offer 10 and the Cloud Easy Offers are back! If you are in the market for a new CRM solution this offer is very compelling; not only do you get one of the best CRM solutions in the industry but you get cash back from your purchase.   Couple key points about the […]

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Get Better Insights from Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Dashboards

Knowledge is power! Every individual, from frontline customer service reps to the highest level executive, becomes more efficient with the right insights. If you’d like to get better insights from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, dashboards are a great place to start. Here are 5 resources that can help: Maximizing CRM Dashboarding and Reporting Capabilities […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Whitepapers and Technical Documentation

Microsoft has published some really great resources about Microsoft Dynamics CRM over the years but it is oftentimes sprinkled across different websites and not the easiest to find. Shawn Dieken from the Microsoft Premier Field Engineering Team (PFE) recently published a consolidated list of white papers and technical documentation in a single URL for easy […]

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3 Ways AbleBridge Helped Customers Realize the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

It doesn’t seem possible to me that summer is officially over; after all in New England we’re lucky if we get 9 weeks of summer weather before we start thinking about Red Sox playoff hopes, fall foliage and the inevitable 16 weeks of winter!! But now that summer is in the rear view mirror I […]

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Get $150 cash per license off Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

With the recently announced “Cloud CRM for Less” offer Microsoft continues to be aggressive in their recruitment of customers into their CRM cloud.  Businesses in the market for a new CRM solution will find this offer very compelling; not only do they get one of the best CRM solutions in the industy but they get […]

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