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Look Out! Three CRM Trends to Watch Out for this Year

Luckily for us, software continues to advance just as fast as our technology, and CRM is no different.  Here are a few of the trends for CRM software in the next year: Social CRM is Gaining Speed: Many companies are realizing that the most important information is in the conversations happening outside their own walls. […]

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CRM is Not a Passing Fad; It’s Here to Stay Because it Works

Businesses of all sizes choose to use customer relationship management (CRM) software because it offers many ways to improve customer satisfaction, as well as improve profitability.  You can streamline marketing efforts, turn more leads into sales, and improve long-term customer relationships with the right CRM software.  Simply put, the right CRM software can improve your […]

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Manage, Convert, Analyze, Understand, and Find Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you have unstructured data within your company, it’s not doing you any good.  To make any type of analytical data useful, you need to manage, convert, analyze, and finally, understand it!  Get your data out of file cabinets and spreadsheets, pull it off your website and social media pages, and put it into a […]

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Arm your Sales Force to the Teeth with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Does your sales department have the tools they need to excel at their jobs?  Your key sales people need to have instant access to contact information, organized calendars, and the ability to provide answers to potential customers on the spot.  Can they do that with the software they are using now? If your answer is […]

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What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Despite the old saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, what you don’t know about your business can very likely come up to bite you sooner or later.  Particularly when it comes to your customers.  Sometimes businesses develop a narrow-focus on improving products and services and forget to spend equal time analyzing customers and […]

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Targeted Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What’s better than a marketing campaign with all the bells and whistles?  A marketing campaign with all the bells and whistles that’s targeted to a segmented audience who actually wants to hear what you have to say.  No, it’s not a tall order, it’s exactly what Microsoft Dynamics® CRM can provide – a sharp, effective, […]

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Customer Loyalty Ranks High in Importance for Current State of Economy

CRM software will help your business drive up customer loyalty, which is important for companies with the state of the economy these days. People expect great customer service because they know if they can’t get it with you, they can get it elsewhere. Competition is fierce so make sure you serve your customers well.  Not […]

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How to Reap All the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM: What Could Be Holding You Back?

You’ve gone through the necessary steps to implement a state of the art CRM solution, but you’re not seeing as many benefits as you had planned. What issues could be creeping up that are holding you back? We find a few scenarios that may be the culprit… Companies Set it and Forget It: If you […]

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Key Areas of Investment for Companies in 2012 include CRM

Half of U.S. companies plan to invest more on IT resources in 2012 than in 2011, according to Nucleus Research. Key areas for that investment include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), integration, business intelligence and analytics, and workforce management.  This prediction is a possible sign of one thing: we’re moving our way out of the economic […]

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What Happens if You Want to Switch Cloud Providers?

You made the transition to the cloud and everything is going great. But what if your service provider unexpectedly goes out of business or is not as trustworthy as you once thought?  How can you move your cloud to another provider? First things first. You need to get your data from your current provider. Sometimes […]

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