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Monitor Sales Activities from Central Dashboard

Sales managers have the tough job of keeping tabs on their team.  They need to know what each sales representative is doing, how successful their activities are, and how well (or poorly) different product lines are selling.  Instead of stopping by each of your team’s offices, you can save time and prevent disruptions by using […]

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Three Ways CRM Software Helps Automate Your Elevator Service Business

While elevators only go up and down, your elevator service business goes in many different directions.  You need to make sure your elevators are working properly and that customers are satisfied, while growing your business.  Provide your team with a tool stronger than what they carry in their toolbox – FieldBoss® with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.  […]

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Turn Leads into Sales with CRM Software

Making sales isn’t about luck; it’s about finding prospects and knowing your customers.  Use the data in your customer relationship management (CRM) software to create meaningful marketing data, target better prospects, and strengthen customer relationships.  After all, lucky socks don’t find new customers or close sales, you do. How sales professionals go about finding new […]

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5 Ways to Define the CRM Acronym

If you ask a dozen different companies to define customer relationship management (CRM), you will probably get a dozen different answers.  Businesses realize they need to keep their customers engaged and satisfied, but how they go about it can involve a variety of different methods.  Here are five ways we define CRM using Microsoft Dynamics® […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Next Generation Integration

Starting this article with a title that rhymes compliments the smooth rolling transition of steps, on the topic of integrating data, that I wanted to write about today. Recently working with a client who had a SQL based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and a requirement to present some ERP data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM […]

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The BONUS Benefit of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Workflow

There are many benefits when using customer relationship management (CRM) software like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM such as time savings, shortened sales cycles, and improved marketing results.  Another significant benefit is that it will build in consistency and reliability for your sales and marketing teams.  If you’re using files, spreadsheets, or disparate software programs to store […]

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Remember Two Important Truths When Searching for CRM Software

A purchase of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a very valuable investment in the success of your company; which is all the more reason you take things slowly and deliberately. While researching CRM software, you need to take into consideration two important truths: 1. Know your business and 2. Know your expectations. Purchasing CRM […]

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Mix in Social Media with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Stronger Relationships

Companies are being pressured to keep their relationships strong by adding a social media mix to their marketing and sales efforts, but they should also realize social doesn’t end at your customer. Social media in the workplace can create a lot of benefits not many are aware of. Social media connected with your CRM software […]

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Mark a Task as Complete, and Automatically Prompt to Create a New Task

Recently, a client requested that a dialog process start immediately after a task or phone call was marked as completed, to prompt the user to create a follow up task or phone call. For this example, I am only showing how to create a follow up dialog from task records that have accounts linked to […]

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Does CRM and Business Intelligence Correlate? Of Course!

Business intelligence (BI) software manages financials, accounting, project management, supply chain, and other important elements of your business. But what about another very important part of your business: your customers? Your customer relationship management (CRM) software and BI software are deeply related and by combining the two with integration, you can realize a few additional […]

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