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HSO's Logo 7 Reasons a Financial Services Firm Replaced Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Which CRM software is the better fit for a financial services company? Many organizations contemplate this question. The obvious answer is, it depends on your requirements and goals. Yet, […]

HSO's Logo 7 Tips for Improving Marketing Effectiveness

Last month we discussed the "Top 5 Strategies for Improving Sales Perfomance." Today we're going to look at the other side of the coin: improving marketing effectiveness. The halfway point […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo More Visualization Possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Big data has clearly become a big topic in the last year. Interestingly some of those same techniques and approaches cross over nicely to the CRM realm. Take visualization of […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo Clean Up Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data with Duplicate Detection

In setting up a Microsoft Dynamics CRM project, data quality can take a backseat to other business concerns. That is pretty understandable in most get-it-done-yesterday sales environments. But Microsoft CRM […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo Skype Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Instant connectivity is imperative whether you are working in sales, marketing or customer service. If you cannot use your systems seamlessly, time will be lost and could hurt you in […]


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