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When You Think about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Remember This: Marketing-driven Companies Are 31% More Profitable (1)

Having recently blogged on this same topic on the Altico Advisors company blog, I came to three realizations: It’s a topic I’m passionate about There’s a lot more to say than what I included in my original blog post To be a marketing-driven company and reap the rewards, you need a world-class CRM system Just […]

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Microsoft plays nice in the CRM sandbox vs. Salesforce’s cut-throat approach

By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors In May, Microsoft announced an agreement with Salesforce and many marveled that the two arch rivals could actually play nice in the CRM sandbox together. According to the press release: “… Microsoft Corp. and (NYSE:CRM) announced a strategic partnership to create new solutions that connect’s customer relationship […]

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No matter the industry, every business is characterized by the interactions between four key relationships; people, products, services and money.  And no matter how large or how small a business is, every business needs some sort of system to efficiently manage information around these relationships. With over 40,000 members worldwide, iRacing has built a massive […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Whitepapers and Technical Documentation

Microsoft has published some really great resources about Microsoft Dynamics CRM over the years but it is oftentimes sprinkled across different websites and not the easiest to find. Shawn Dieken from the Microsoft Premier Field Engineering Team (PFE) recently published a consolidated list of white papers and technical documentation in a single URL for easy […]

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