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Three New Features for Microsoft Social Engagement Drive Better Customer Interactions

Microsoft is rolling out an update 1.4 to its Social Engagement tool that integrates with Dynamics CRM. The update adds several key features  to Microsoft Social Engagement that Social Media Managers have been clamoring for as well as fixes to already existing capabilities. New feature 1 - Private messages via Twitter Let's say a client or customer starts a […]

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Spring Clean CRM with Insights Powered by InsideView

There are many great ways to use Insights from within Dynamics CRM, but with it being April, I feel it's the time to do a little spring cleaning. If you have a system filled with leads and contacts that you have not engaged with in months or perhaps even years, then they are most likely not […]

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So what about the CRM 2016 Interactive Service Hub?

One of the most interesting features of Dynamics CRM 2016 is the Interactive Service  Hub. The interactive service hub seems to be a preview of more changes to come - all for the good - for Dynamics CRM. At its heart, the interactive service hub is a separate interface for Dynamics CRM, focused solely on the […]

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Wealth Management Firms Choose Microsoft Dynamics

As wealth management firms try to stand out in the marketplace by improving customer satisfaction levels and customer loyalty, they look toward solutions that can deliver a holistic view of the customer and customer service functions while being easy to integrate into existing banking applications. For the wealth management firms Mainstay Partners interviewed, using Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped them deliver improved service, create a customer-centric approach, build better client relationships, and gain competitive advantage.

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