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How Easy Is It to Learn to Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Reflections from a New Marketing Associate

When you first start a new job, there is a lot of information thrown at you. New paperwork, desk location, usernames, passwords, documents, processes, and on top of all of that, you also have to learn a whole new computer system to make all of this information useful. How am I supposed to completely learn […]

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Top 5 Features of AbleBridge Data Grid for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One of the wish list items that comes up over and over again by Microsoft Dynamics CRM users is robust, editable grids. Out of the box CRM sub-grids are a bit clumsy, require far too many clicks, and don’t allow for inline editing. This is where AbleBridge can fill a big hole. In fact, AbleBridge's […]

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Boost Your Bottom Line by Adding Powerful Marketing Automation to Dynamics CRM

On its own, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is worth its weight in gold – filled with vital information about leads and customers ripe for harvesting. Couple it with a marketing automation tool, and it will be even more valuable to your organization. Marketing automation, especially a solution that is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is an […]

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Unless you’re a hermit and you don’t have a TV or a radio, you’re probably quite familiar with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Perhaps you’re not as familiar with the Movember movement, but you can click on it and our friends at Wikipedia will tell you all about this worthy cause that has also become a […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 vs. Why Microsoft is the Better Investment

With the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, the choice between and Microsoft Dynamics CRM just got a lot easier. Here are the key differentiators that make Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 the better investment:   1)      Office Experience Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a true Microsoft Outlook application, not just a plugin Microsoft is […]

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Easily Navigate through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM UR 12 (Polaris) Release

As you know, Update Rollup 12 (UR 12), codename “Polaris”, was recently released for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. This is a big update with a lot of new features to wrap your head around. Some of the bigger changes include support for all popular browsers (Safari/Chrome/Firefox) and a new Process Driven User Interface  To get […]

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Using Queues, Workflows, Email Routing and Cases to Help Streamline Support Team Operations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides some simple ‘out of the box’ features that can help businesses organize, prioritize, and monitor the progress of their customer support activities. Take this scenario: AbleBridge has a customer that produces an internet racing experience for motorsports enthusiasts across the globe. They handle large volumes of emails with varying types of […]

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