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Join Customer Effective at CRMUG Summit 2012

Please join us at the upcoming CRMUG Summit in Seattle, October 15-18, 2012.  Customer Effective will be there in our booth, and we will also be leading five different breakout and deep dive sessions. Tuesday, October 16 10:00 a.m. – Tools of the Technical Trade for Dynamics CRM. With Paul Way. Are you using the […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Key to Reconnecting and Becoming Customer-Centric

Due to the new challenging economic realities of the global hyper-competitive environment, many firms are desperately trying to sustain performance levels and keep customers happy. As customer expectations rise and brand loyalty declines faster than ever before, the firms that still insist upon focusing on short-term transactions and quick wins will certainly lose market share […]

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Use Goal Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to Track and Improve Sales Team Performance

With the holidays behind us, many Sales teams are in the process of receiving new comp plans for the New Year. Sales management is faced with the dilemma of devising compensation structures that not only reward top performers, but also motivate them to continue producing at a high level going forward. Besides possibly changing compensation, […]

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Wealth Management Firms Look to Rev Up CRM Technology Spending

At the end of March, I had the privilege of listening to an InformationWeek - Wall Street & Technology webcast entitled “CRM Integration Strategies to Increase Financial Advisor Satisfaction and Drive Growth.” One of the featured speakers was Sophie Schmitt, a Senior Analyst with the Aite Group, an independent Boston-based research and advisory firm focused […]

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Adding Records to Queues with Workflow in Microsoft CRM 2011

In CRM 4.0, in order to assign an item to a queue with a workflow , a user would add a step and use the "assign" feature and select the appropriate queue. In CRM 2011, it doesn't work the same way--you no longer use "Assign" to add items to queues. In order to route an […]

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CRM 2011 Sneak Preview – Interface, Outlook, Dashboards & Marketplace Search

This month, Microsoft is finally releasing their CRM 2011 beta (aka CRM 5.0) to the public.   You might be wondering, what’s “new” in this product and has Microsoft enhanced all the features they promised? One of their slogan that has been widely used is the “the Power of Productivity”.  Left you wondering the meaning of […]

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Customizing Navigation in CRM Using Sitemap

Brief Description: Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to easily perform navigation customizations by editing the site map. The site map is an XML file that is read and parsed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM when it is loaded and can be used to change the information displayed in the navigation pane. About SiteMap: We can customize […]

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Top 6 Reasons To Like Dynamics CRM Online

Background Cloud computer is all the rage in today’s software market.  It’s easy to understand why for when you use a hosted solution, your business does not have to worry about purchasing additional hardware or having to support it.  All database administrator functions are the job of Microsoft and not your business.  That said, you […]

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A Good Reason To Apply Roll Up 9 to CRM 4.0

So you may be asking, why do I need CRM Roll Up 9 for vs. 4.0?  Well here is one good reason!  We had a client that was receiving an error message that an email was stuck in the queue.  This email had been sent from a Scanner/Copier machine with an attachment.  This had caused […]

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5 Important Reasons Why You Should Use CRM

1. Turns Microsoft Office Outlook into the one place where you can manage both customer data and communications . Microsoft Outlook messaging and collaboration client is already the world’s leading tool for customer communications.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM extends the reach of Microsoft Outlook by turning it into a tool to manage customer information. It puts […]

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