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BDO Solutions's Logo How To: Standardize Telephone Numbers with Javascript in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

How to add Telephone Number Standardizing Javascript to CRM 2011 and 2013: Instructions for CRM 2011: The script found below will take a string of 10 numbers and convert them […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Is Agility a good thing? Part 2

  Back in May I wrote a blog about our first time decision to use an Agile approach to implementing MS Dynamics CRM at two BDO clients.  I wrote of […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Getting the "C" out of CRM

I recently met with a client of mine who was telling me about the frustrations his employees were experiencing with their current service call management system.   He listed off the […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Is Agility a good thing? Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

My team members and I have just initiated two new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 projects and have selected to follow an Agile Project Methodology to implement them.   As both […]

BDO Solutions's Logo 3 Tips to eliminating confusion with CRM 2011 Rollup Updates

With the recent flurry of CRM 2011 rollup updates (revisions) that have been released it has become harder and harder to determine what features are available in a certain CRM […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Make vs. Buy – Making the right decision when extending CRM 2011

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 2011 has many built-in tools that allow you to customize your installation to your organization’s requirements.  The included user-friendly customization features, workflows, dialogues and […]

Rimrock Corporation 's Logo Online CRM Versus CRM On-premise

When facing a difficult decision, especially in business, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of your choices.  After choosing to use a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Controlling Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Changes Through Workflows

One of the most common Microsoft Dynamics  CRM requests we receive relates to controlling which users can access the information on a form, and limiting the modification of some data […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Different Form Versions for Different Users

Have you ever found yourself wishing you didn’t have to scroll past unused fields in your CRM software? Maybe people in other departments need them but your department doesn’t. Or, […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Revisiting your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation to maximize ROI

In the last few years you’ve made a substantial investment in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, in both time and money.  Now think back to that implementation.  Were there items […]


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