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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tips for Sales Professionals – 2 Quick Follow Up Email Strategies

This blog is another in my series of Microsoft Dynamics CRM tips for sales professionals. We’ll look at a common sales scenario and how to manage it in CRM. You just met someone for the first time, or you’ve just hung up the phone. You want to send a quick follow up email with your […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Quick Fix for #VALUE! Errors in Exports to Excel

You may have noticed some of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports running just fine, but when exporting to Excel, you’re not getting your desired results. This blog will help you with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Quick Fix for #VALUE! Errors in Exports to Excel. The issue in Dynamics CRM is with reports being exported to […]

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Does Your CRM Data Resemble the Walking Dead?

You try to ignore it. You try to work around it. You tell yourself it wasn’t your fault. You blame it on the previous admin. You blame it on the old system. You hope it doesn’t destroy your reports. You pray it doesn’t devour your storage. You hope that you can go one more day, […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12: What You Need to Know

While it has been a while since Dynamics CRM 2011 update rollup 12 was initially released, a number of re-releases have caused some confusion in the community as to exactly what feature updates and enhancements rollup 12 has brought along. So, what’s new with Dynamics CRM Update Rollup 12? User Interface Streamlined UI – Graphics […]

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What Does Your Sales Team Know?

The phone call started like this— Caller: "Hi Ken, I'm <her name is redacted to protect the innocent> and I'm your new account executive. Do you have a minute? I want to share with you all the great new stuff we have going on this year." Sound familiar? This call was from a local sports team and […]

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Taking Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Mobile

Today’s workplace is made up of wireless devices and employees working remotely, so why should your CRM application make you feel tethered to your desk? With CRM Mobility, a mobile application service for Microsoft Dynamics CRM provided by FMT Consultants, users can view and update Microsoft Dynamics CRM data on iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices […]

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New Microsoft Promotion Provides Organizations with Clarity in a Cloudy Environment

Get $150 for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online User Subscription Today’s organizations are under more pressure than ever to make informed decision regarding their IT investments.  With so many cloud computing products available on the market there is now an added layer of confusion involved with selecting the right solution for your company.   Many organizations […]

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Need a Lift Getting Your Organization to the Cloud? Consider a CRM Online Starter Package

Are you a small business owner who needs sales force automation but are not sure how to get started? Maybe you experimented with the Dynamics CRM Online Free Trial, but realized you need some help understanding the basics of CRM and applying them to your organization’s needs? Well now you have affordable packages available to […]

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Learn How to Create Your Own Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011!

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, dashboards have been made possible through the creation of custom SRS reports made accessible straight from the Main Form's Navigation bar. We could even tailor things with a little bit of javascript so that only certain sets of eyes could view the metrics, making it a handy tool […]

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Dynamics CRM vs. SugarCRM – Comparison Resources

I recently received a call from someone who wanted to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and wanted helpful information that directly compares Microsoft Dynamics CRM with SugarCRM. There are useful sites like and ERPSoftwareBlog, but I understand how finding that specific information can be challenging, especially for those two types of software in particular and for a company’s unique situation. […]

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