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Outlook 2010: Synchronization Logs in Unread Messages Folder – Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you use CRM in Outlook 2010, you may see messages like this show up in your “Unread Messages” folder: First, don’t be alarmed—this is not an error—this is a change in how Outlook 2010 handles logging. However, if you are the kind of user that likes to manage e-mails in the unread messages folder, […]

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Three User-Driven Reasons to Upgrade to Dynamics 2011

With each version release of software, whether CRM, ERP or anything else, the benefits of the upgrade need to justify the time and expense involved. Since CRM is notoriously the hardest application to get everyone (even independent-minded sales people) to use consistently, features that promote user adoption deliver high returns. Three improved features in Microsoft […]

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Improved User Experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

There are many improvements to the user interface in Dynamics CRM 2011. Some of Microsoft's goals for  CRM 2011 include:  improved day-to-day user experience and adoption.  improved overall application behavior. ribbon interface that has the same look and feel as Outlook 2010 as well as integration.  a recently viewed pane that gives you the ability to […]

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