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Migrate to the Cloud with Customized Support from JourneyTEAM | Sherpa Program

Relocating your on-premise solutions to the cloud is a massive undertaking. Not to mention expensive. But with COVID-19 still a major concern, businesses need to ensure their data and services are available at all times to remote employees. Because data migration is such a big project, many organizations use cloud consulting services to make the […]

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Can Better Technology Help Network Marketing Teams Reach Their Potential?

The days of distributors selling product out a stockpile in their garage are over. The direct sales and network marketing industry has transformed from that information-poor selling environment to one that is rich in information about the buying and selling behavior of both distributors and customers.   Is your organization effectively using all of this data […]

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Top TAKEAWAYS From the Microsoft Spring Release Event 2018

Did you miss it? No worries - here is the recorded version of the recent Microsoft Spring Release Event and the TOP TAKEAWAYS.   It has been an exciting year of growth and innovation at Microsoft. Business leaders, IT professionals, and developers are embracing the cloud and new technologies like artificial intelligence, business analytics, talent, […]

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Comment un organisme à but non lucratif a pu optimiser ses opérations avec Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Action main-d’œuvre, un organisme à but non lucratif ayant pour mission d’aider les personnes à besoins particuliers à intégrer le marché du travail, cherchait une façon plus efficace de gérer ses opérations que l’utilisation de documents papiers, de documents Word et de tableurs Excel. L’information portant sur les participants, les membres du personnel et les […]

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How Will Dynamics 365 Effect Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers?

You may have heard about Dynamics 365, which is the latest offering from Microsoft for small to midsize businesses. This new offering is taking the place of Dynamics CRM Online and customers will soon transition to the new platform. Some of the most asked questions about this transition are below. How will this transition effect […]

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Dynamics Docs- Create Complex Reports and Documents Using Microsoft Word

Dynamics Docs provides Dynamics CRM users, who are familiar with Microsoft Word, to create documents with fields from CRM records inserted in paragraphs and tables in a Word document. Dynamics Docs template can be designed for any CRM Entity. Users can easily create templates for invoice, quote, order, opportunity or any customized entity.  Fields inserted […]

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Top Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

As more and more software is being offered on a cloud platform, we’re seeing a reduction in pricing that is giving companies a reason to make the move. Purchasing and maintaining servers is becoming a thing of the past thanks to affordable cloud technologies. And applications that allow employees to communicate (email, collaboration solutions) and […]

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What Companies are the Best Fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

According to research provided by Microsoft, what companies are the best fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online? The answers to these three questions provide some clues: 1)What size companies are the best fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online? Typically companies with 50 – 300 employees. Typically between 10% - 20% of employees have customer facing […]

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The Fine Print On Dynamics CRM Online Data Storage Costs

There are plenty of calculations out there to show you how much money you will save by moving your CRM system to the cloud. No more hardware, lower IT costs, free upgrades and more. But I bet there is something that wasn’t calculated:  data storage costs. The Fine Print If you read the fine print […]

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Ready to get out of the office? Serve customers on the road with CRM

Some of your employees do their best work outside of the office. Sales representatives and customer service teams need to spend time with customers and be able to answer questions, take orders, and fulfill customer needs on-the-spot – not wait until they make it back to the office. Strengthen the connection between mobile workers and […]

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