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How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solves a Constant Sales Challenge

"Only 25% of the sales leads and collateral that marketing creates is ever used by sales teams." Peter Strohkorb. If this does not seem like a problem, I do not know what does. In the ever evolving and ultra-competitive world that is business, how can one hope to get ahead if 75% of their team's […]

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Creating Excellent Customer Experiences with Shared Knowledge through CRM

No matter the industry your business operates in, it must maintain a steady flow of clients. To do this, it must establish a brand that is focused on providing exceptional customer service. Fortunately, there are many tips you can follow to improve the customer service your business is able to provide, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM […]

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Get Your Sales Forecasts Right Before Your Commission Takes a Hit

When it comes to sales forecasting, businesses often face the challenge of overcoming inaccurate forecasts. And while both qualitative and quantitative forecasts play an equal role within the success of a company, when either of them is inaccurate, this can lead to a loss in both productivity and overall sales. If inaccurate sales forecasts are […]

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Attention All Marketers: Dynamics CRM Just Set the New Standard!

As most everyone in the Dynamics community has heard Microsoft has recently unveiled its newest addition to the marketing capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. At its core Microsoft Dynamics Marketing seeks to deliver powerful, integrated marketing management solutions that help bring businesses and the customers they serve closer together. The essence of Dynamics Marketing is […]

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Four Ways to Accelerate Cash Flow with Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM helps to shorten the sales cycle, gives staff members the tools they need to research ordering history,  generate contracts, and prevent work orders from getting lost or misinterpreted. Automatic scheduling speeds service and sales calls and allows technicians to spend more time solving problems instead of dealing with paperwork. One of the greatest […]

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13 Reasons Why You May Not Need CRM

Most everyone in marketing, sales, and customer service is aware of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Many CEO's managers, and salespeople are reaping CRM's benefits -- increased profits, lower costs, and loyal, satisfied customers. Others, however, are undecided or they think (hope) that their marketing and sales processes are okay. If you are among those who […]

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7 Easy Ways to Enter Data in CRM 2013

There has been a lot said already about the reimagined user interface in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 ( and how it is cleaner and more intuitive to make your people more productive.   One of the most evident ways that it makes users more efficient is by making data entry and editing faster and easier. Here’s […]

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Updating Your Sales Operations, Upgrading Your Business, With Dynamics CRM

Are you running your sales operation with yesterday's technology or no technology? You might be if your customer-and-prospect database is nothing more than a hodgepodge of business cards, scattered notes (some on napkins), an overloaded Outlook Inbox, and an untrusted mismanaged data-base management system. If you cannot easily find your contact information, appointments, up-to-date sales-team […]

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10 Questions to Ask a CRM Provider

A successful CRM system starts with understanding the processes that you want it to improve. For this analysis, it is important that someone at your company looks at your business operations as a whole. If such a person does not exist, then pay an outside expert or, better yet, find a CRM vendor who will […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Sales Pipeline

Sales managers often neglect their sales pipeline by not effectively managing it or using it to its full potential. The end result of this is that revenues decline. An article, "How Small Changes in Pipeline Management Make Big Changes in Top Line Revenues", By Chuck Schaeffer, provides some valuable ways to optimize  and manage your […]

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