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CRM 2011 Global Launch – Wow!

I watched the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Global Virtual Launch event with my fellow employees,people in sales, marketing, technical support, and administrative roles.  As they viewed the  demonstrations, people murmured about the new features and how they would save time for customers and for them as we use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM internally too. Here […]

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Ho Ho Ho! If Santa Can Use CRM, You Can Too!

It’s cold and blustery in the North Pole. Children are sending Santa their Christmas wish lists.   Elves are frantically running around making toys for all the good girls and boys.    But then Santa misplaced his handwritten list of who has been Naughty and who has been Nice.   If only Santa had been using a Customer […]

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Five Reasons This Newbie is Thankful For Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One of my traditions at Thanksgiving is to reflect on what I am thankful for during the year. This year will be easy.  I am thankful to have a job.   With businesses having staff reductions, many people are asked to do more with less, be more efficient and deliver higher levels of customer service.  It […]

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