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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015: Collaboration is the Name of the Game

Microsoft recently announced that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 release  will enable firms to achieve ongoing communication between different departments to constantly stay on top of changing customer demands. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is among the leading CRM solutions on the market, continuously adding functionality to assist adopters in their specific industries. Next year’s suite figures to […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Not-For-Profit Organizations Do More With Less

With tight budgets and limited resources, not-for-profit organizations struggle on a daily basis for ways to do more with less.  Microsoft Dynamics solves this problem with the Not for Profit Accelerator. Often viewed as a sales tool, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides so much more, and is a platform for solutions such as these and provides […]

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Theme from WPC 2010 is “The Cloud”

I have just returned from the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, and I am really excited about some of what I heard from the software giant.  The theme this year was “the cloud."  Software in the cloud, infrastructure in the cloud, mail in the cloud, private clouds, public clouds, partner clouds.  So what does this […]

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Five Reasons To Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Your Non-Profit Organization

While attending a recent fund raising event, I ran into a few end-users frustrated with their non-profit fund raising software.  The solution met their needs as a small nonprofit, however as the organization grew and required more detailed information, the shortfalls with the system became apparent.   The common complaint was the difficulty manipulating the information post-export.  […]

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Quick Campaigns Mean Quick Results In Dynamics CRM 4.0

Create quick marketing campaigns in Dynamics CRM 4.0 with the Quick Campaign feature. Quick Campaigns provide functionality enabling sales & marketing reps to create a quick marketing blast to a list of contacts or leads. Any CRM user can take advantage of this great feature that will save you lots of time.  Simply, follow the […]

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Part Two: Why CRM Implementations Fail – The Consulting Team

Part two of my post takes into consideration the consulting team.  First and foremost, it is imperative for the project manager to set expectations with the client.  Too often at the beginning of a project, clients are not presented with specifics about deliverables, communication guidelines and scope creep. Prior to the project kick-off meeting, a […]

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The Best Option For Integrating and Migrating Data for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For data migration and integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the tool of choice is most likely going to be Scribe Software’s Insight product.  For those of you who are familiar with the tool, you know it is very powerful because its CRM Adapter does everything for you in terms of keeping data integrity in the CRM database. In […]

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iFrame technology is used to integrate Dynamics CRM with SharePoint

I get asked a lot about integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.  With the iFrame technology built natively within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this integration is possible.  The SharePoint view can be brought directly into CRM using iFrames and webparts. Using the iFrame technology really allows you to seamlessly incorporate other web […]

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1-2-3…CRM Software Buyers Checklist

With so many CRM software choices available….how do you know what to choose?  Here is a simple 1-2-3 checklist that gives you some guidelines when researching customer relationship management solutions. 1.       Determine your business requirements – needs, business model and functionality. Without sound business processes, a CRM system will only be a contact management system […]

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