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HSO's Logo Track and Measure Company Goals with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Goal Metrics

In order for a company to grow, it is important to be aware of employee productivity.  Creating goals and seeing them through will often define a company’s future success. Luckily, Microsoft […]

HSO's Logo Build Better Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics Accelerators!

Microsoft offers downloadable, add-in accelerators that will add to your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and that serve specific business needs. These accelerators are available at no cost and show […]

HSO's Logo CRM 2011 Launch Event New York City

Microsoft held its New York City Launch Event at the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Station Terminal on Thursday March 10. InterDyn AKA had the opportunity to be a sponsor at this […]

HSO's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrates with Trusted Platforms to Update Client Contact Data

Marketing efforts are only effective when they reach the right contacts. Therefore the importance of gathering the appropriate contacts and maintaining their accuracy is indispensable, as is the time and effort it […]

HSO's Logo CRM 2011 Takes Care of Your Most Valuable Asset!!!

Data is the most important business asset of any organization and the success of a business depends on the careful and effective management of information. Companies of all industries, sizes, […]


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