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Top 3 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SalesFUSION Integration

To enhance the usefulness of Crestwood Associates’ Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, we deployed SalesFUSION – an integrated marketing automation system. After using the integrated SalesFUSION application over the last year, these are the three significant areas where we have seen benefits: Email tracking and results Web visitor tracking Landing pages and dialogs Email tracking and […]

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15 Things to Love about Dynamics CRM 2011 – Part I

I’m starting a 5-part series on the best features about CRM 2011.  Each post will cover 3 new things that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without!  I’ll be honest, Dynamics CRM was tough to use at times. It felt like you had to go through so many clicks to get where you needed.  Modifying […]

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Why Associations Need Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Manage Their Members

Most associations do not have “customers”, so do they need Customer Relationship Management?  Crestwood Associates and Microsoft Dynamics CRM believe they do.  Microsoft had an accelerator (add-on to Microsoft Dynamics CRM) built to specifically help associations; it's called Event Management.   Because of Chicago’s central location and access to airports and highways, many associations are headquartered in […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Sell Your Product Out Of The Box

While we know Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM offers incredible flexibility to enable it to be modified to fit basically any application or industry. Here is a question: What industry could be seen as the best fit for Dynamics CRM right out of the box? Based on the functionality included within the system, Dynamics CRM could be […]

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Expanding B2B E-mail Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

How many tools do you use to automate your e-mail marketing, create custom landing pages, generate leads, provide web analytics, and analyze leads?  Now does it integrate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM? SalesFUSION 360 has a toolkit of products that makes all of these tasks easy and for a reasonable monthly fee.  The Quick Start program gets you off […]

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Dynamics CRM Accelerators – What They Mean To You

A number of bloggers have talked about the Dynamics CRM Accelerators.  These add-ons provide additional functionality that Microsoft has developed for Dynamics CRM and are available to download and use at no cost (for the Accelerator code itself).  These Accelerators include Analytics (extended reporting and analysis), Enterprise Search, Extended Sales Forecasting, and Event Management. So, […]

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CRM – the Gateway for More Business Opportunities

Professional service firms—such as business consultancies, architect and engineering firms, and accounting and legal practices— are being challenged today as never before.  Like their customers, Professional Services companies are facing escalating competition and cost pressures. This is forcing them to redesign and refocus their organizations. Responding to new market conditions while managing a wide range […]

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Three Things to Get Excited About in CRM 2011 (aka CRM 5)!

With the tremendous success achieved by Dynamics CRM, many end users and partners alike are anxiously looking forward to the next release of CRM.  CRM 2011 (also known as CRM 5) is expected to be released near the end of the 2010 calendar year, with beta versions available in September 2010. The buzz coming from […]

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Achieve Customer Satisfaction With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Through Multiple Touch Points

This article caught my eye because it touches on three industries where CRM is key to customer satisfaction.  Also, because Crestwood Associates has several customer in each of these industries. Wealth management and private banking division of financial service companies. Computers, peripherals and equipment distribution in the wholsale B2B domain. Patient relationship management in the […]

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Training on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is key to success

Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is so customizable, flexible and easy to use, many customers implementing Dynamics CRM consider training an afterthought.    But training is a continuous process in Dynamics CRM and best if started early in the project and continued during the project all the way to end-user training and after that with continuing education […]

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