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3 Steps to Accurate and Insightful Sales Forecasting Using Dynamics 365/CRM

Accurate sales forecasting is essential to growing revenue and managing your business effectively. When you know the timing and amount of incoming revenue, you can plan and focus on the right business initiatives; budget and allocate resources appropriately; set organizational goals; and provide teams with priorities and guidelines for how they spend their time. Forecasting […]

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4 Tips for Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The challenge that most often drives adoption of a new CRM system is tracking and managing the sales process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an excellent platform for businesses that want to “hard wire” their customer-facing and internal business processes into an easy-to-use system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is particularly useful for Sales Managers, presenting multiple tools […]

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Sales Force Automation a Top Priority? Microsoft Dynamics Should be on Your CRM Short List

Last week, analyst group Gartner released its “2013 Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation” and this year like many previous ones, it has named Microsoft Dynamics CRM a leader in the category.  In case you’re wondering, Gartner defines Sales Force Automation (SFA) as “applications [that] support the automation of sales activities, processes and administrative responsibilities […]

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Pre-defined Sales Processes Come to Microsoft Dynamics 2012

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has always bundled in some templates and other workflows. For the update to Dynamics CRM 2012, there are powerful pre-defined workflows for sales processes. Specifically, the Dynamics team has included three workflows for lead, opportunity, and sales management. Of course, you will still be able to customize these built-in workflows, but what […]

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Strengthen the Relationship between Sales and Marketing with CRM Software

Do you ever get the sense that your sales and marketing teams fight like cats and dogs? Sales is blaming marketing because they don’t have enough in the pipeline, while marketing gets frustrated because sales follow through is lacking.  Break the cycle by getting your whole team on the same page.  It’s as simple as […]

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How Do You Get Your Sales People to Use CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management Software allows your marketing and sales departments to reach out to prospects, develop relationships, and turn them into loyal customers.  Many salespeople may be reluctant to use a CRM system.  Instead of selling them with product stats, you need to show them how a CRMS will enable them to increase productivity. CRM […]

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Customer Effective: Insurance Connects a Mobile Sales Team

The Microsoft Insurance Vertical Team recently identified the Top 5 Technology Trends on the TechNet Blog. One of trends discussed is mobility.  Our team recently built some mobile solutions that allow insurance professionals to engage with their CRM system while on-the-go. Customer Effective: Insurance, is our xRM product that provides a comprehensive and collaborative platform for […]

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Helping Busy People One CRM Implementation at a Time

"One problem with CRM systems has been trying to get busy people to take the time to enter important sales information," says Rob Helm, managing VP at research firm Directions on Microsoft in an article on Being well aware of this problem, Microsoft has made Microsoft Dynamics® CRM incredibly easy and user friendly, getting […]

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Constant Contact vs CoreMotives: Which Add-on is Better for Customer Tracking?

It seems like everyone interested in email marketing is using Constant Contact and while I agree, it’s a great solution, you could use a tool like CoreMotives and extend your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with email marketing plus much more. Yes, it includes email marketing with tracking features like click-thru rates, bounces, and unsubscribes.  But with […]

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Five Things to Consider When Implementing CRM Software to Reach Your Sales Goals

The right sales software tools will propel a growing company forward, but the wrong tools will stall success on all fronts. How can your company ensure the acquisition and implementation of a CRM software application will bring the sales benefits you need to succeed? This blog outlines five key considerations that will help you to […]

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