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InfoGrow Corp's Logo 3 Compelling Reasons Why CRM Makes You a Smarter Marketer

It’s not hard to see why your CRM data, made up of customers, prospects and influencers is your most important marketing asset. After all, how can a marketer be successful […]

BDO Solutions's Logo Marketing with Dynamics CRM – Why tracking your customers is the key to understanding them and their needs

We are in the age of data and as more of our activities integrate with the digital world, the data that is available to us increases. The more data that […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo 8 Things Marketers Should Automate to Drive Leads and Revenue

Buyers crave personal touches, but how does a marketer provide that for hundreds or even thousands of prospects? The solution lies in automation. CoreMotives and MIG have developed a list […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo Managing Customer Responses to Marketing Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When potential customers respond positively to one of your marketing campaigns, you'll want to pursue those responses efficiently and completely, and that's where Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in. Microsoft Dynamics […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo Expand Your Marketing Team with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Most businesses depend on successful marketing campaigns to drive sales and expand their reach to new customers. From planning to carrying through, a marketing campaign involves a great deal of […]


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