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Crowe's Logo Solving the Nightmare of Commission Calculation for Benefit Brokers with Dynamics CRM

Insurance agencies know that commission calculations can be a nightmare. Especially if a broker discovers they were done incorrectly. Employee benefit brokers work with multiple insurance carriers and each of […]

Crowe's Logo CRM Software Optimized for Employee Benefits Brokers

As an employee benefits broker, have you searched without success for a CRM software solution that fits all of your needs? Have you found that the programs out there are […]

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.'s Logo Customer Effective: Insurance - Mobility: Sales and Service in Motion

We spent some time with the Microsoft Insurance Vertical team and discussed some of the top technology trends in insurance and how Microsoft CRM (along with Customer Effective: Insurance) helps […]

Crowe's Logo Employee Benefits Brokers are Innovating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

The political divide around healthcare legislation coming out of Washington, the never ending rise in healthcare costs, and the mandates around state sponsored health insurance exchanges creates some very unique […]

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.'s Logo Customer Effective: Insurance Connects a Mobile Sales Team

The Microsoft Insurance Vertical Team recently identified the Top 5 Technology Trends on the TechNet Blog. One of trends discussed is mobility.  Our team recently built some mobile solutions that allow […]

Crowe's Logo Insurance Brokers are innovating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Insurance agencies and brokers manage a multitude of complex relationships through their normal course of business – and it’s these many moving parts that require a higher level of organization […]

Crowe's Logo 3 Powerful things AbleBridge did for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers in September

Implemented a project management solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a Technology company needing a better way to manage their customer project lifecycle.   Provided a 360 degree view into […]


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