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Defining the Case for CRM Before Making the Investment

The promise of customer relationship management (CRM) software is compelling: increased sales, lower customer acquisition costs, and improved service response times. Yet, not all CRM deployments are created equal, and many fall short of generating these benefits.
Why? In many cases, it’s because the company lacks a clear business case for CRM, which defines why you need the system and what business value you expect it to create. Read More...

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM-to-ERP Connector Cuts Integration Time, Cost

What if you could streamline data-entry processes throughout your organization in a way that eliminates redundancies, reduces errors, and boosts employee productivity? How much money could that save your company? What if you could gain a precise, real-time, 360-degree view of your customers – from both a marketing perspective and from the vantage point of […]

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3 Business Benefits You Should Expect from Your CRM Software

FBy definition, customer relationship management (CRM) software leverages technology to more efficiently identify and capture qualified leads, convert them into customers, and cultivate loyal relationships that keep customers in the fold for years to come. But what does this look like in tangible business terms? What are the bottom line benefits you should expect to justify […]

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Getting Started With Sales In Dynamics CRM

This article will explore some of the basics of getting started and understanding the Sales features with Dynamics CRM. 1.  Understanding customers means understanding the difference between leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts Leads are potential customers. Opportunities are a potential deal with a lead or existing customer. Accounts represent companies that your organization does business with. Contacts […]

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Upcoming Release: What’s New In CRM 5?

  With CRM 5.0 around the corner I wanted to talk briefly about some of the upcoming features that we know about so far.  These are definitely things to get excited about, both for the end user experience, as well as for administrators. Lets jump right in: Enhanced Navigation for End Users Ribbon UI and new […]

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