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8 Steps to Protect Microsoft Dynamics From Data Theft

In this post we've shared a series of best practice steps to protect your customer data by preventing individuals from copying CRM records to their USB stick, or sharing them on the cloud. In just one click an employee could export an entire CRM customer database and begin contacting these contacts at their new company. […]

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How Secure is the Data in Your CRM System?

It has been widely noted that Microsoft Dynamics CRM's next update, set for release in December 2012, will have deeper connection to Yammer and Skype, embedded Bing maps, Microsoft Office 2013 compatibility, cross-browser capabilities and iPad support. What’s less talked about is data security. Along with the above-mentioned features, Microsoft also said that it “continues […]

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STAR Helps Dynamics CRM Online Meet Security and Regulatory Requirements

Back in July, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team had an important announcement on cloud security that may have flown under the radar for many of us. Microsoft had registered CRM Online with the Cloud Security Alliances' STAR (Security, Trust, & Assurance Registry) program. That's a mouthful. Translation: Dynamics CRM Online has met certain data security […]

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