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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade, or Re-Implementation?

We recently had a Dynamics CRM client with a mature CRM 4.0 deployment move to a brand new start up. They needed to transition their entire on-premise CRM 4.0 setup over to Dynamics CRM 2011 online (complete with new reporting servers, new Active Directory (Office 365), etc.) They decided upon a re-implementation, based on what's […]

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The ABCs of CRM: What You Should Know About Activity Based Costing

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it." Thomas A. Edison I love this quote.  Ideas abound, especially in this day and age with the speed of technology change, new communication mechanisms, etc.  But there is one idea that warrants more consideration in the CRM (customer relationship management) strategy world – Activity […]

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News from Convergence 2013: What Dynamics CRM Users Should Know

Microsoft presented plenty of Dynamics CRM details, updates, and insights at last week’s Convergence conference, and we wanted to share our thoughts on how this information can be of use to current Dynamics CRM users. MarketingPilot will present Dynamics users with new marketing automation options Microsoft’s acquisition of MarketingPilot brings a broad marketing automation package […]

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Does CRM and Business Intelligence Correlate? Of Course!

Business intelligence (BI) software manages financials, accounting, project management, supply chain, and other important elements of your business. But what about another very important part of your business: your customers? Your customer relationship management (CRM) software and BI software are deeply related and by combining the two with integration, you can realize a few additional […]

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Manage, Convert, Analyze, Understand, and Find Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you have unstructured data within your company, it’s not doing you any good.  To make any type of analytical data useful, you need to manage, convert, analyze, and finally, understand it!  Get your data out of file cabinets and spreadsheets, pull it off your website and social media pages, and put it into a […]

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What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Despite the old saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, what you don’t know about your business can very likely come up to bite you sooner or later.  Particularly when it comes to your customers.  Sometimes businesses develop a narrow-focus on improving products and services and forget to spend equal time analyzing customers and […]

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Going Gaga Over Data: Business Intelligence (BI) from Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Key to Doing Your Job and Running Your Business

According to this New York Time’s article, we are in the “Age of Big Data.” People are so “gaga” about data and reports that they’re even calling it a new type of economic asset, such as currency or gold. In light of this article, it seems best for us to talk a bit about business […]

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Observing Industry Growth with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM software has come a long way since its inception in 1990. It gives companies insight that they’ve never really had before. If your industry is experiencing growth during this economic shift, CRM software should provide you with proper analysis to stay in front of market changes. Growth is a great thing to undergo as […]

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More Bang for Your Buck: CRM Software Return on Investment Scores High

According to Nucleaus Research, customer relations management products return an amazing $5.60 for each dollar invested. But the ROI for software that helps companies understand business analytics – in such areas as business intelligence, performance management, and predictive analytics – scores even higher: $10.66. (See appended reports at the end of this article). The results […]

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