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Tap Into Social Media

There is a lot of chatter that you can listen to from prospects and customers in the wide world of social media.  The trick is turning information in data you can use and tapping into those conversations that can win the trust and loyalty of new and repeat customers.  The world of social media may […]

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The Flow of Case Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As 2011 comes to a close and the New Year begins, many businesses think about their success or lack thereof and sharpen their focus to set goals for the coming year. Success for any business is usually defined by the success of their product or service in the marketplace and the relationships the business is […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Global Search Tool

Have you struggled to find useful information in your Dynamics CRM system?  Are you limited by your inability to search across multiple entities in Dynamics CRM out of the box?  We were too until we installed and evaluated Akvelon’s Global Search for Dynamics CRM 2011. Global Search is available for on premise and online deployments. Search results […]

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Guarantee Accuracy and Quickly Add New Contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When choosing CRM software you need to know you have a partner who can give you tips and tricks as well as provide guidance and advice in the areas you choose to implement. Our client needed to ensure accurate demographic information on the contact form so we helped them take advantage of the the special relationship […]

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Maximize the Value of your Custom Business Applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Historically, developing line of business (LOB) applications has entailed a mix of custom-developed solutions and packaged software with additional integrations and customizations. However, it is not uncommon for this approach to result in difficult compromises in terms of project scope, cost, time, functionality, and complexity. Over time, many organizations began to suffer under the administrative […]

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A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Fable

The President of our company, Mr. Lee Sherwood (a very unique individual) shared one of his many interesting stories during a weekly staff meeting. The story goes like this:  Business is like breakfast where employers are like pigs and employees are like chickens. Before you take offense, let me explain:   The pig and the chicken go […]

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