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Major Dynamics CRM Update Coming This Fall: CRM 2013 Frequently Asked Questions

Last week Microsoft announced it will be releasing the next major upgrade to Dynamics CRM (CRM 2013) this fall.  And while upgrades of this nature are very exciting because they generally signal significant improvements in the software’s features and functionality, we know that current users as well as those who are evaluating whether Dynamics CRM […]

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3 Key Acquisitions Are Making Microsoft Dynamics CRM More Social

“In embracing change, entrepreneurs ensure social and economic stability.” – George Gilder It is no secret that businesses are becoming more social.  Today’s customers have more choices and access to more product information, placing greater demands on companies to remain competitive.  Social media marketing offers a way to gain better visibility into these changing demands.  […]

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Turning on Yammer + CRM Integration? Move Your Post Data with a Simple Workflow

The Yammer-CRM integration is finally available for users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  If you have logged on and looked at your Activity Feeds lately, you will see a ‘Get Yammer’ notice near you messages.  One of the key things to consider before you pull the trigger is that your activity feed user post data […]

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Considerations for Yammer + Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Yammer integration with CRM allows users to collaborate on customer and opportunity records within the UI of both platforms.  Yammer users are alerted to deal updates and changes to customer statuses regardless of their access to MSCRM.  Users of Microsoft CRM are able to post relevant customer information to Yammer from inside CRM records.  Below […]

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