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Connecting Software's Logo The Challenges of Dynamics 365 Document Management and SharePoint Security

As a technical advisor at Connecting Software and a software engineer since 1997, I’ve witnessed significant advancements in Dynamics document management and Microsoft document management solutions. At Connecting Software, we […]

Connecting Software's Logo Partnering to Solve a Hidden Dynamics 365 Implementation Problem | Dynamics Success Stories

    > Problem: ORBIS SE’s customers wanted their permissions synchronized when integrating Dynamics 365 with SharePoint, in their workflows >  Solution: CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator > […]

Connecting Software's Logo CRM SharePoint Integration and Personal Data Protection | Dynamics Success Stories

    > Problem: Missing synchronization of permissions and privileges for family processes in Dynamics 365 and SharePoint >  Solution: CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator >  Provider: Connecting Software […]

Connecting Software's Logo How to Use CRM Integration to Your Advantage - Real World Examples

There used to be a discussion on whether CRM integration was good or bad, but nowadays, CRM integration examples are all around you. Whether to integrate or not is no […]

Connecting Software's Logo Integration Design Patterns for Dynamics 365

Data migration and integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be complicated because data is often more complex than people realize. When delivering a new implementation of Dynamics 365, or when […]

Connecting Software's Logo Get ready! Top Dynamics 365 Trends Coming your Way in 2021

2020. A year we will remember. A year that was not quite as we expected it to be - to say the least!  Still, the Earth keeps spinning, the software […]

Connecting Software's Logo Can You Boost CRM Technology Acceptance and User Adoption?

User adoption of new technology has been an issue for as long as technology exists. Software is no exception. Organizations deploy new software hoping it will have a big (positive) […]

Connecting Software's Logo Dynamics Success Stories - Supermarket Chain Gets Existing Data into Dynamics 365 Automatically

⏩ Problem: Getting existing data into Dynamics ⏩ Solution: CB Linked Server – Connect Bridge with the Dynamics 365 connector ⏩ Provider: Connecting Software ⏩ Customer: Iperal Supermercati S.p.a. owns and operates over 40 supermarkets […]

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.'s Logo Should We Use SQL Standard or SQL Enterprise With Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

As part of my role as CRM Technical Specialist, I help our clients who use Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Premise design their server architecture. Any good architecture design is built to […]


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