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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface – Unable to Trigger On-Demand Workflows

As customers have moved toward the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface some have experienced issues. One, that was a big impact for a client, was not having the ability to run workflows on-demand from individual records. It was no longer present in the ribbon or more options section of any record. This was causing a huge […]

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4 Examples of Companies That Save Time and Money by Easily Automating Manual Tasks and Processes

We are experiencing a dizzying rate of technological change. It’s both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much innovation is already a part of our daily lives. From restaurant apps for online food ordering to self-checkout at the grocery store to robotic vacuum cleaners, automation helps us function […]

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Keeping Up With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Storage

As Microsoft continues to blur the lines between Dynamics and PowerApps, so does it continue to redefine how Common Data Service (now the Dataverse) storage is measured and billed. In the age of Coronavirus and remote work, cloud solutions like Dynamics 365 are going to be more important than ever for business continuity. Keeping up […]

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Microsoft’s Focus to Beat Salesforce

Microsoft's Focus to Beat Salesforce Microsoft and Salesforce have always had an intense competition. In an attempt to gain the majority of the market in Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), Microsoft is shifting its focus. Microsoft’s new focus has become more pronounced with the start of the start of the fiscal year in July of 2020. […]

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7 Ways The Right CRM Helps You Serve Your Banking Customers Better

The old adage about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush rings true when you’re talking about nurturing existing client relationships. It’s less expensive and more efficient to cultivate the customers you already have while your marketing department helps you find new ones. This is especially true for retail banks and […]

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Comment les firmes comptables peuvent bénéficier de Dynamics 365 pour leurs opérations

Bien qu’elle soit plus connue en tant que solution de gestion de la relation client (CRM), Microsoft Dynamics 365 fait bien plus. Elle offre non seulement une gamme de modules pour optimiser vos affaires, mais aussi la flexibilité de développer des solutions spécifiques à certaines industries. JOVACO l’a donc fait pour les firmes comptables. Le […]

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How Accounting Firms can Leverage Dynamics 365 for their Operations

While it’s mostly known as a customer relationship service (CRM) solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 does far more than that. It not only offers a range of modules to optimize your business, but it’s also flexible enough to develop industry-specific solutions. JOVACO has done this for accounting firms. The resulting solution sits on top of the […]

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Power Automate with Microsoft Dynamics 365: Key Takeaways

Microsoft Power Automate is becoming an increasingly popular tool being used across different industries to streamline repetitive tasks by automated business processes.  I spoke with Larry McCoy, CRM Solution Architect and Technical Consultant at Crowe, to get his perspective on Power Automate and to surface insights and tips on how people are simplifying their workflows. […]

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How is Your Bank Planning to Get Ahead of the Coming Wave of Problem Loans?

These are unprecedented times, but we know the wave is coming. Every bank needs a strategy to get ahead of the coming wave of problem loans and work with your borrowers through tough times. At 2.15% as of Dec. 31, 2019, the percentage of problem loans was at a slightly higher starting point than before […]

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