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Steal Tips from a Pro: Customizing Dynamics CRM 2015 Webinar

MS Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce   Sign up for a free CRM course! Download a FREE CRM Demo  Join us in part one of a free webinar series on customizing Dynamics CRM 2015! The webinar is tailored for those new to Dynamics CRM who are responsible for the customization and upkeep of their organization’s CRM environment. […]

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Big and Exciting Changes Coming to Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Microsoft plans to release its newest, and perhaps greatest, edition of Dynamics CRM later this year. Currently codenamed “ORION,” the newest version of Dynamics CRM is said to offer a more engaging and intuitive experience to new customers while continuing the momentum of its predecessor, “POLARIS”, released late last year. Microsoft developers have been hard […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales Prospecting Automation

In past blogs, I have talked about the power of using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to deploy XRM solutions for our clients.  What is an XRM solution you ask?  Well if CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management then XRM stands for [Anything] Relationship Management.  What this means is that we can apply all of the great […]

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Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online Combine to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Office 365 is Microsoft’s new cloud-based Office suite that has taken the business world by storm. Its success can be attributed to one key factor: It allows anyone in your organization to work from anywhere and from any device while still having the familiarity and functionality of the traditional Microsoft Office suite. Another reason that […]

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