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JourneyTEAM 's Logo Meet Microsoft’s New CRM REST Builder Tool to Simplify Processes

JourneyTEAM developers discuss how the Dataverse REST Builder Tool allows users to interact directly with the Dynamics Web API. Created by Jason Lattimer and Guido Preite, the Dataverse REST Builder […]

Beringer Technology Group's Logo Why Does Your Business Needs a Dynamics 365 Support Agreement?

    In today's digital landscape, businesses are leveraging customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to streamline operations, enhance customer interactions, improve data management, and drive growth. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM […]

Aha Apps's Logo Syncing Field Service Technician Bookings To Outlook Calendar

Satish from aha apps introduces Ram Kiran, a Dynamics CRM/Field Service developer, who has been working on a problem related to syncing field technician jobs or tasks to the Outlook […]

CongruentX's Logo "I've Been Burned In the Past...”: 5 Key Steps for Effective CRM Implementation and Business Success

Author: congruentX In today's intensely competitive business environment, managing customer relationships is more crucial than ever. Customers form the backbone of any organization, and maintaining strong relationships with them is […]

CongruentX's Logo Increase your ROI with Viva Sales and DialoguePrime

Author: congruentX Viva Sales and DialoguePrime Are two innovative tools that are transforming the way sales teams operate. These platforms offer a range of features that can help sales teams […]

CongruentX's Logo RevOps Strategic Approach to Align Sales, Marketing and Customer Success

Author: congruentX Revenue Operations (RevOps) is a strategic approach to aligning sales, marketing, and customer success teams to optimize revenue growth. RevOps is a relatively new concept that has gained […]

CongruentX's Logo You Know CRM, but What About Contextual CRM?

Author JC Quintana The most powerful relationship development efforts have one thing in common: they are contextual. To be contextual, something must relate to the needs, circumstances, and characteristics of a […]

JourneyTEAM 's Logo 3 Key Steps For a Successful CRM Implementation

Are you struggling to get the most value out of your CRM? Or are you wondering what a CRM could do for your business? This article will outline the importance […]

CongruentX's Logo Helping companies get Customer Relationship Management right!

Author: JC Quintana Just using the term “your CRM” sends chills down my spine. You have a love-hate relationship with what was supposed to be your strategy for managing customer relationships […]

JourneyTEAM 's Logo Improve the Customer Experience With Dynamics 365 and Other Microsoft Tools

As your technology partner, we understand a top priority for any organization is to improve the customer experience. There are many Microsoft tools and technologies available that when implemented correctly, […]


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