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Maximizing Your Lead Generation With CRM Software

Successful organisations today have developed clear processes for lead generation. These will include the traditional marketing techniques commonly now known as “off line” marketing and combining them with internet or “online” marketing. The combination of traditional marketing and technology such as websites and CRM software solutions is enabling forward thinking marketers to take a major […]

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It’s Back…The Big Easy Offer for CRM!

Microsoft re-launched The Big Easy Offer allowing customers to choose from a variety of popular Microsoft products and solutions while earning money on qualifying purchases that can be used towards additional software, hardware, or services with your Microsoft Partner. What does this mean for you? For every qualifying product you purchase, Microsoft pays you partner […]

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10 Tips to Successfully Implement a Relationship Management Solution

Deploying a relationship management solution can be fraught with difficulties. Here are some suggestions on how to decrease the risk and increase the success of your next deployment.  What does it take to successfully implement a customer management relationship solution? Why is it that some implementations fail to deliver the expected benefits? With Microsoft CRM software having […]

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Microsoft CRM Software – Do I Choose An In House or Web Based Solution?

CRM Software is fast becoming a key business strategy that many companies rely on to streamline their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Choosing the CRM application that is right for your business now and into the future is a critical step to take. It is perceived that a large enterprise that requires integration into […]

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