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Use Connections to Build Deeper Insights into Accounts and Contacts

Have you ever noticed how people and companies are often interconnected in multiple ways?  In other words, contacts in your CRM are probably connected to other contacts and companies in not-so-obvious ways.  An employee with one company can also be a former employee at another company.  And one company can be a customer of another. […]

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Polaris Update for CRM Promises to Attract More Users, Provide Better User Experience

The next update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM promises to expand the reach of CRM and provide a better experience for users.  The Polaris Update (formerly known as “R8”) is scheduled to be released in December and will first be available for CRM Online users. The update will provide several improvements and new features, but two […]

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Extending Dynamics CRM for Project Management

One of the greatest benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the ability to extend the system beyond traditional Customer Relationship Management work.  Companies have the ability to create new entities unique to their business and actually track operational processes.  These could be internal project management processes that may or may not be important to the […]

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CRM and the Customer Portal – A New Way to Share Data

One of the greatest features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Customer Portal.  The Customer Portal allows organizations to flow data to and from CRM and an externally-facing website.  It’s a great way for organizations of all types to share and gather information with their constituents.  The Customer Portal is a free packaged solution available […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Custom Apps for the iPad

As mentioned in our previous blog post, the iPad is becoming more and more popular in the business world.  According to a study by Business Journals released in May of this year, iPad usage nearly quadrupled among small businesses in 2011.  And according to a January article in Forbes, Apple and the iPad continue to […]

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CRM and the iPad

As the iPad and other tablets become more and more popular in the business world, the need for business-specific software is also increasing.  These devices are perfect for field sales and service work - they are light, they can be ruggedized, they are intuitive, and they have plenty of computing power for most needs.  To […]

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Benefits of Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP

The CRM-ERP Connector is a free tool from Microsoft that allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Dynamics ERP systems (GP, NAV and AX) to integrate.  Connector provides seamless data-flow between the two systems, allowing users to see the complete 360-degree view of their customer history and sales pipeline.  Connector allows organizations to share data without […]

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5 Training Tips for Dynamics CRM

Any time a new software system is implemented, the move may cause frustrations and stress among employees.  Proper training is essential to alleviating these frustrations and to realizing the overall success of the project.  Training should not be haphazard.  Instead, company leadership should plan for the implementation as it would any other critical business function. Here […]

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Five Training Resources for Dynamics CRM

Learning a new CRM system can be a daunting challenge for front line employees.  As with any change and new product, there are early-adopters and laggards.  Some percentage will completely embrace the new system and proactively educate themselves.  Others will resist and may never use more than the basic functions. Proper training can benefit an […]

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Will Cloud-Only CRM Software Be Right For You When Your Business Needs Change?

With so much hype over “the cloud”, many business owners, executives, team leaders, and IT professionals are beginning to wonder if they may be ready to move to the cloud. It is a common question, but it may not be the right one to task. The parameters of the cloud are fixed and clear. If […]

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