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CRM to the People – A “Must Read” Book

Whether you’re starting a new CRM initiative, or salvaging an existing one, never underestimate the value of taking the time to gauge if your organization has the key ingredients in place for a successful CRM implementation – before you implement CRM software. A successful CRM implementation is a strategic endeavor that focuses on people and […]

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What Does Your Sales Team Know?

The phone call started like this— Caller: "Hi Ken, I'm <her name is redacted to protect the innocent> and I'm your new account executive. Do you have a minute? I want to share with you all the great new stuff we have going on this year." Sound familiar? This call was from a local sports team and […]

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My Favorite CRM Button

With all the great functionality packed into Dynamics CRM, I realized the other day that I have one favorite. This gem of functionality can be unleashed with one little button. It's not a button that controls some great fancy customization we created (although we have a few of those). It is a simple little button […]

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Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Key for Communication

A Speech Pathology, Educational Therapy and Orofacial Myology agency was in desperate need of maximizing their use of their existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.  The platform was mildly configured, but they knew they should be getting more out of their CRM system. They were referred to The TM Group by an independent software vendor and […]

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Siebel to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, The Tale of Microsoft’s Own Migration

Last week I sat in on the very interesting webinar “Microsoft Saves $10M in TCO by Implementing New CRM System” from their Meet The Experts series. In this webinar Connor Marsden (US Director of Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Charles Lasco (Solution Manager, MSFT IT) and Tameem Mohammed (Developer Lead for Sales Organization, MSFT IT) talked about […]

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Mission Impossible? Hardly: Foundation Improves Operations Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Many not for profits are finding Microsoft Dynamics CRM to be the right foundation for better managing their fundraising, grants, memberships, and events. For one large operating foundation, The TM Group transformed Microsoft Dynamics CRM into a custom tailored grant management, project tracking, events coordination, and budget allocation system that is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics […]

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What’s Working in Marketing Workshop by Panel of Experts Recap

Recently I attended an interesting marketing workshop hosted by Walsh College. Featuring a panel of four marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, and face-to-face marketing experts, they discussed what tactics they are currently seeing as producing the best results for small and medium sized businesses. Following presentations by each of the experts, participants were then […]

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The Benefits Reaped when Companies Switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from

Having had the opportunity and pleasure of attending the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Event in Fargo, N.D. this past week, it really makes me so proud and excited about promoting the Microsoft Dynamics Platforms and the benefits of the products.  Sitting in my seat on the plane making my way back to Detroit, I had the chance […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Broadlook = The Perfect Match (Part 2)

In our earlier blog we wrote about Broadlook’s phenomenal Contact Capture tool. Now I’d like to tell you about Broadlook’s Profiler tool which I think is  even cooler than Contact Capture.  Broadlook’s Profiler will  mine data  information for you from the internet so you can ensure you have accurate company and contact information for your leads.  […]

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Right on Time with Report Scheduling using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Organizations rely on accurate and timely information to make informed business decisions, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 includes a powerful reporting engine for report generation.  Traditionally, the generation of reports is the responsibility of a system user and they were run upon request or at a particular day, date, or time. How about a situation […]

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