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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 vs. Let the Punches Fly

Regardless of what industries you serve, CRM systems are front and  center in helping your sales, marketing, customer support, and membership  departments excel in their jobs.  It’s no  longer enough just to communicate TO your clients and prospects.  You must now engage WITH them to not only  begin the conversation but to also continue it.   […]

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Achieve Continuing ROI with Dynamics CRM

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your CRM system. User adoption is improving and key indicators like client satisfaction and average sale value are moving in the right direction. It would be easy to get complacent and let users “get comfortable” with the system before you invest in more training. Training, training, […]

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Five Ways a Dynamics CRM Partner Will Help Your Business

Signing up for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a snap. It’ easy to get started with a free trial subscription and to transition to the affordable monthly subscription. The video tutorials and wizards help you get started importing data and using the system. As the dashboards start to populate with your current data, it’s gratifying […]

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Three User-Driven Reasons to Upgrade to Dynamics 2011

With each version release of software, whether CRM, ERP or anything else, the benefits of the upgrade need to justify the time and expense involved. Since CRM is notoriously the hardest application to get everyone (even independent-minded sales people) to use consistently, features that promote user adoption deliver high returns. Three improved features in Microsoft […]

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xRM: Your Guidebook to Finding the Right CRM Solution

Figuring out whether to purchase or build from scratch an enterprise business application is a decision that many companies have faced. Thankfully, that decision has been made easier with the introduction of the Microsoft xRM application platform. With the xRm application platform, your company will now get to enjoy the best of both options. When […]

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Dynamics CRM: Bringing the Cloud to You

In order for the mass transition to cloud computing to occur, it’s imperative that CIO’s get comfortable with the security surrounding this new form of IT. After learning about the security safeguards in place, CIO’s won’t be as apprehensive when starting the transition from the traditional client/server model to the cloud. All you need to […]

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Interested in $200 Cash? Check out Cloud CRM for Less

Everyone knows that there is stiff competition between Microsoft,, and Oracle over acquiring new customers in the CRM space. In fact, Microsoft has taken the competition to a new level by offering $200 for each user that makes the switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Microsoft is positioning itself to become the dominant player […]

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